Hello Everyone! My name is Gina Rubino. I live in Castro Valley, California and [[#|work]] in Hayward, it’s the next town over. I got my dream job this year teaching [[#|computers]] and library to 1st through 6th graders. I love the variety of [[#|students]] I get to see as well as the activities we get to do. My hobby/addiction is playing [[#|video games]]. I seriously had to think a while about taking [[#|classes]] this summer with the release of Guild Wars 2 coming at the end of June. I also run, but not because I enjoy running, but because I enjoy eating.



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Google Docs in the Lab
One way to solve the problem of limited space on older computers is to use Google docs. [[#|Students]] can create word docs, multimedia presentations and even share their projects and work collaboratively with each other. We have also acquired several new net-books which unfortunately do not have [[#|Microsoft]] Office on them. With limited funding we don't have the ability to purchase a new site license for Office. We can however use Google Docs for all of our office needs.

I work with many young students who do not have email accounts. One way to solve this problem is to create an email account for each of the computers. I have used this formula, c01(schoolsname) for the user name and then used something simple such as the [[#|school]] mascot for the password. Multiple [[#|classes]] can use the same account by including their initials and their room number, much like they did when storing their files on the same [[#|computer]]. The benefits to using Google Docs over saving work on the computer are many. Students will be able to [[#|work from home]] and access all of their projects. If a computer were to crash and become beyond repair students work would not be lost. It will be important to build a community of respect and teach students not to access each others work without permission.

Circulation Management System Summary
Destiny is an online circulations system which has several features for both students and educators. Library media specialists can create their own homepage with useful links for students. Students can use keyword, title, author, subject or series. This resource is in both Spanish and English. They can also utilize the power search option to find books using more advanced search parameters. Younger students can find books by subject using the visual search. The visual search has small picture icons of subjects like animals, famous people and holidays. Finally students can also find books by the call number.
Library Media Specialists will also find many useful tools in Destiny. As well as the features mentioned for students there are several library management tools available. In the catalog tab the LMS can access Titlewave. Titlewave is a program which will analyze the library collections. and give teachers access to information such as the age of the collection, and how many titles in each of the Dewey categories. They can also search for new titles. Under the circulation tab teachers can manage checkouts and checkins using a scanner and a bar code. The reports tab has information similar to Titlewave. Teachers can run overdue reports and circulation history for weeding out books students no longer use. Destiny is an extremely useful tool for both students and Library Media Specialists.

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Scratch [[#|student]] example
I took screen captures so I could present the student example for viewers who
may not be able to download Scratch.

To view the student example in Scratch you will need to download Scratch at MIT website
Download scratch free